From : seif ghazi <
Sent : Saturday, January 15, 2005 5:42 PM
To :
Subject : Ibrahim al Jundi

Dear Sir,

After seeing all these so called 'religious leaders' attempting to attack Mr. Al Jundi for his liberal views, I thought I would encourage him by conveying to him how most of us - the silent majority - feel about his writings, which show courage, intelligence and first class logical thought.

It is about time people thought about religion with their brains and stopped being slaves to their emotions; most are too scared to think about it for themselves, and to make things even worse, we have these zealots who label anyone who does as an infidel!

This is much too long an argument to convey in a short letter. After all, this is merely a note of appreciation to Mr. Al Jundi for his writings, which we hope to continue to see in the future.

Seif Ghazi