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hi there,
first of all i would like to say thnx for being so pure and honest. thnk god theres still something alive and covering and gicing true and honest and pure news. im mohammad mounir halwani from lebanon living in beirut but im from tripoli in origin.
i have alot of comments on ure daily e- newspaper. i wonder y lebanon is not in the interest of ure newspaper. wat about this small country. isnt it an arab country like ure country "palestine". i wonder if u hate lebanon or not. i wonder y ure newspaper doesnt try to cover all the news that is going on in lebanon and espacially nowadays?? anyways im going to rite because i feel like riting and i hope to receive an email from the publisher of this honest newspaper expalining for me and answering me in the language he wants.
anyways syria has been in lebanon for 28 years and time is up to leave this peaceful country, but in wat cost???
will syria leave our country for free??
History tells me that not 1 occupied country has been freed without any costs. the cost might be either blood by armed resistance like "palestine and israel" or by protests like ukraine. here in lebanon its mostly like ukraine. elections r on hitting our doors and in a very hard way and nshallah nshallah with the help of god the free leabnese will elect lebanese free leabnon and not syrian puppets.
im riting this to prove to the whole world that not only christians r against syria but also muslims and its not true that only the christians r the opposition to syria but also muslims and espacially the "sunnah" party because we all know wat syria did to "Rafik Hariri" which i admire alot despite his mistakes in our economy but thnx to him and thnx to his policies and worlwide connections made lebanon once again a touristic country with more than a million and three hundred thousand tourists this year. we need all people to know that the opposition is mainly composed today of:
P.M Rafik Hariri (Muslim "sunnah party")
Walid Jumblat (druze leader)
Kurnat Shahwan (mainly marounites)
and other independent people that r all working together to win the elections
We the lebanese people r not putting a knife in the back of syria as they r saying not at all. a weak lebanon makes syria weak and a strong lebanon makes syria strong
it is not acceptable anymore that MSW " mukhabarat sourieh wlaa" control our peaceful country. it is not acceptable anymore that this small country this small and peaceful and beautiful one too. it is not acceptable that syria interferes in anything that we want to do even if i want to go to the bathroom the MSW will interfere
i would like to tell syrian baathists party that uve done a deadly mistake by keeping pres. Imile Lahoud a president despite the gr8 opposition and if it was not for rafik hariri to vote for him because he was ordered to or he would have lost his life maybe if it was not for rafik hariri Pres. lahoud wouldnt have stayed a president. i would like to tell pres. bashar that u promised us to change the lebanese-syrian relations but did u ??? did u do antyhing to change it. u just withdrawed some thousands of ure troops but u need to know that we have no problems with ure troops but with ure MSW mr. pres.
at the end i will rite again after the elections after the big win nshallah and i wish u rite me back if u have anything agaisnt this article
thnx for arabtimes for letting people read wat i rote and i need a reply on my questions from the publishers of this newspapers
adha mubarak
Mohamamd MOUNIR Halwani
3rd year Architecture Enginnering
20 years old
Hobbies: Politics and espacially lebanese one