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I think the story which you mentioned should be told the other way around, as I knew and met some girls from Al amri family in the UAE, one of which used to were men clothes and sneak at night to the Iranians residents at night to get laid for 50 dirhams, I witnessed this at Al-Jeeme district in Al-Ain city, and after few hours and when she was done, her brother will pick her up and take the money from here, maybe he will fuck her as well.

This is one of those stories, and the other one was about gays , who loved to hunt young men from the intercontinental hotel in Al-ain city, and it was not for money as it was for needs, some thing inside their asses asked for a dick to scratch it for them , and it made no difference for them if it was Indian or Bengali, and they avoided the Pakistani as their big dicks will split them and tore their shit holes. One his name was Amer elkheele, and the other was seef al amri.

The Palestinians in the Gulf countries worked hard over the years to build your country, they did not beg, did not steal or rob , they worked really hard, and I did not know any Palestinian who caused problems in your country or any other country of the shitty gulf hole.

I should write this , but you started this , and this showed how much you are such an asshole shit head ignorant pimp .

Keep your mouth shut, and try to rub your asshole with Vaseline this will keep it always smooth to swallow more dicks

Saleh A. M.