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Sent : Tuesday, August 9, 2005 5:36 PM
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Subject : Response to Abdel Karim Salim Sharif

Abdel Karim Salim Sharif,

In response to your letter to Dr. Mohammed Awad, I would like to note that you did not “prove” anything close to show that Dr. Awad is picking on your father or making stuff up. In fact your letter further proved Dr. Awad’s point that your father is an illiterate piece of crap who raised a son that states his address as “Jerusalem, Israel” and not “Jerusalem, Palestine”.

If your father was an editor or an owner of a newspaper called “Al Jihad” and he raised you to be an Israeli, then you might want to go back in the history books and change that shitty newspaper to be called “Al Nifak”.

There is nothing “Shareef” about you or your father. Etfoooo 3alaik ew 3ala aboook.

Mohammed Hleihel