Ms Condolesa Rice, Amman, April 11, 2006
Secretary of State


I am writing to you in my capacity as a Jordanian citizen. I happen to lead the Jordanian National Movement, a populist movement which calls for major reforms, transparency, and zero tolerance to corruption. We have deep seated belief in democracy and adherence to human rights. We believe that people in the region can live in peace and prosperity through dialogue, openness and above all giving people the power to control their lives and destiny. As such, we totally oppose all forms of violence and terrorism, including state terrorism.
We are in total agreement with your calls to reform the region through democracy and peaceful means. We view this as a true opportunity for the Jordanian people to take real control of their lives and future. Further more, we believe that your calls are genuine and sincere since they are based on the longstanding democratic practices in USA which are deeply rooted in the American culture that values human rights and individual freedom highly.
We, in Jordan, have long been victims of state oppression, marginalization, and state corruption. We live in a state in which the king enjoys a” divine” role. His words are orders to be obeyed; his instructions are above the law and his deeds are never to be subjected to any public accountability. This is clearly stated in the constitution or in the daily life interpretation of it. Any individual opposing him or even stating an alternative opinion is subjected to all forms of prosecution, torture and exclusion from public life and the process of policy making. There are numerous cases that exemplify what I am stating. The king and his circle are constantly calling for democracy, adherence to human rights and the fight against corruption. The real practice is totally the opposite. The democracy they believe in is that which gives them total power over the people, a free hand to do what they want and above all total obedience from the citizen. Corruption is an abstract idea and practice that does not apply to them, even when they are the major initiators and perpetuators of corruption.
We see a light of hope when we witness that the USA embassy staff in Amman are truly engaged in exploring alternative ways of reaching the people and understanding there needs and concerns by means of what I call the third path. I refer here to non-party populist movement that reflects best what people feel and believe in. Surely such steps are in line with your policy. May I say that the meetings we had with the embassy staff have definitely left a positive impact on the movement and on me about the sincerity of your calls and the whole image of USA. I believe that such practices would serve the long term interest of the Jordanian people and those of the United States and are worthy of more attention.
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Ahmad Oweidi Abbadi, PhD.
Former member of lower house of parliament (twice)
Jordanian National Movement.

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Mobile jordan : 00962 777 419 545