H.M King Abdullah II
-Amman, Jordan June 1, 2006

Your Majesty,
An article is publised in Al Rai jordanian semi-govermental newspaper, on 31 .5.06 in which it smears the peaceful image of Jordan and clearly calls against your declared policy of tolerance,dialogue and oppeness with the free and civilized nations and Jordanians .

I and all my colleagues at the Jordanian National Movement, find it very hard to understand that a semi-govermental newspaper and a person well known for his close association with the Current Director of the Intelligence Department ,is accusing the free world embassies in Amman of practicing a dirty game against Jordanian security and society inconsisten with their status in the kingdome without introducing evidence , the approach which will highlight the violence and hatered against our civilized friends and teir help to jordan.

We,the Jordanian National movement are a peaceful movement calling for dialogue, real political reforms and have zero tolerance to corruption. As such we view ourselfs as the best national ideological and organizational movement alternative to terrorism violance and extremism. We view our friendship with the representative of the civilzed nations as a strong point to serve and protect our country.Those were clearly stated in our study and advice sent to your majesty few days ago( 25=5=2006) but seem to have angered the Director of Iintelligence as shown in the article refferred to above in the Alrai newspaper

We believe that Jordan should adhere to all its commitments to international agreements and to the spirit of peace in our region. The article, which seems to have the blessing of the Director of Intillegence, is totally opposing to these commitments .

The reason for writing this letter and the previous ones directly to your majesty is because we have been,as usual,denied access to the local press,royal palace,your majestiís office and any official channel. Further more,we have been subjected to enormous and continuous oppression,marginalization,false accusations and smearing of our clean,decent,noble and nationalistic image and feeling and our love to Jordan . These practicies ( by director of intillegence )bear clear invitation to violance,extremism,tension and terrorism.This will not help Jordan , people and Jordanian National movement in its efforts to oppose terrorism,violance and extremism .

The Jordanian National Movemen composed of so many thousands of peace loving citizens in Jordan and outside Jordan(diaspora) view this article as one of the continuing practices of state terrorism supported by the highest ranking intillegence official.

Dr Ahmad Oweidi Abbadi
Email : oweidi2005@yahoo.com
Mobile: 00962 777 419 545